Praise for Breath Alchemy

Dearest Bob,

I could never forget you, my time training with you, the place in Point Reyes and the Redwoods. It is indelible, and fresh as if it took place yesterday. My perspective/consciousness has been permanently and positively altered. That period of my life was...there are no words to do it justice. Definitely the highest point, most growth, discovery, joy, connection to source, and purpose that I have experienced so far in this life.

I think of it and those incredible sessions with great fondness, and wondrous awe. The process opened me so much to awareness of oneness with all things and the flow of source love and knowingness through me and the ability tune in to let it flow, which lead to even more openings over several subsequent years and up to the present time, in which I am still reaping benefit from my Breath Alchemy training.

I used to say that Breath Alchemy felt like high speed Vipassana, wherein analytical mind/ego is bypassed. All that has been ignored or repressed becomes accessible and available to mental, emotional, psychic surgery taking place directly, through the process. Vipassana is fast and intense; Breath Alchemy is, by far, more so. The benefit is profound... immense beyond measure.

As my teacher, I remember you as thorough, patient, focused, open to new ideas, very experienced through daily practice, and confident from experience with the practice. What impressed me most was that you were still learning after practicing for many years. I am happy to be of service in any way I can, and very grateful for what I learned with you.

I highly recommend it for anyone in pursuit of self/Self-knowledge and clearing past stuff, emotional blocks in the subconscious mind. It releases the stuck energies associated with the repressed emotions at the deepest, cellular level, and it releases the tension in the body associated with these things we avoid dealing with, which, in turn leaves more energy available, since it takes a great deal of energy to repress and hold  on to them.

One of the benefits to me was that I did not even need to know what it was that was being released, no analysis necessary. I felt freer immediately, and insights revealed themselves effortlessly and naturally. It helps you get out of your own way.

Affectionately yours,

Milinda G.

At the time I signed up for Bob’s Breath Alchemy program, I was experiencing severe headaches literally every day. For a driven entrepreneur like me with a very busy schedule the impact on my life was huge. I knew I had to do something very different to what I’d tried in the past and I’ve tried many alternative healing methods. I met Bob in L.A. in January 2018 and when I saw his passion for his work and heard about the results he gets, I knew instinctively that he could help me.

I did 12 sessions with Bob and right at the outset his method had a positive impact. Bob is hugely passionate about his method, very patient in guiding you through the sessions and provides comprehensive information to help you understand the mechanics behind his method.

What I love about the method is the extensive utility value, it’s a powerful tool I use to increase energy levels, get into a focused state, relax, sleep better, stay composed etc.

And my headaches have literally disappeared! Wow! On the odd occasion when I feel a headache coming on (which by the way is only a fraction of the discomfort I used to experience), I go straight into circular breathing and it dissipates. If you’re experiencing any kind of pain, anywhere in your body, Bob’s Breath Alchemy can resolve it. I have a power technique for life and I’m deeply grateful to be enriched with such a life changing method. Thank you Bob!

Thank you for kicking my headaches into touch.

Warm Regards

Carmen Wilde, Business Breakthrough Specialist & High-Performance Business Coach

Hey Bob,

Inventory of the past year after starting regular Breath Alchemy sessions:

-stopped drinking alcohol after years of frequent use.

-stopped taking prescription sleep medication for bouts of insomnia.

-stopped taking prescription medication for stress.

-stopped daily morning coffee intake.

-restarted TM practice after years of not being able to do it because of “side effects”.

-Shortness of breath and asthma almost non-existent; stopped requiring frequent use of inhaler medications. This past summer was reported as being very bad for asthma too. I did not take steroid medication in 2015 that my doctor said I could benefit from.

-Sinusitis almost non-existent; only one sinus infection with a fever in 2016 (had at least four cases in 2015 taking antibiotics after all four had at least two weeks of fever)

-Foot pain resolved. Saw a surgeon in 2015 for bilateral foot pain that came after daily walks and would frequently prevent me from sleeping. No medical or surgical treatment was received.

-Lost thirteen pounds (after having lost another thirteen pounds the year before). I was diagnosed with weight related pre-diabetes a few years ago indicating need for weight loss on my part to prevent diabetic illness.

-Blood pressure normal- avoided medication after a year of very high BP.

-Sky high triglycerides (in 2015); normal in 2016 taking only prescription fish oil.

-Liver function test normalized (abnormal in 2015)

My retina specialist said there is some improvement in eyesight in my most damaged eye.

Here are more things I have noticed over the past year that I have added to my list:

-notable increase in sense of well-being. People also notice I am happier and look healthier.

-feeling more optimistic

-feeling more supported by the universe; noting that beyond feeling this too, that things appear in my life from those around me that feels supportive.

-feeling more sense of purpose; a greater feeling of connection to a “higher self” within me… a deeper part of my being where my true self resides.

-a better sense of knowing what I need to do now in my life (e.g., a more predominantly vegetarian diet, daily exercise, and regular yoga classes in the last year). Also more clearly acknowledging the benefit of a daily disciplined meditation practice in my life. Increased use of Reiki in my life (joined the regional Reiki association also).

-realizing with greater clarity and confidence that I need to address my personal health issues with intention (and personal responsibility) and not just succumbing to a medical-system oriented approach.

-I feel five years younger; when I go to bed at night and awake in the morning in particular I note, “Wow, I feel so much better physically and emotionally than I did a year ago”. However immediately after a Breath Alchemy session I feel even younger than that (ten years younger easily). I have much more energy for daily exercise than I did before starting regular Breath Alchemy sessions.

-I note more emotional freedom; particularly in regard to relationships with those close to me and I notice more clarity also.

-in a group that I work with regularly I have been referred to as a leader; beyond just feeling confident I feel grounded in a deeper core part of my being- a very spiritual part of myself, especially right after a Breath Alchemy session that same day.

-intuition is more notable than a year ago.

-increased synchronicity attracting things in my life that help me to hear what I need to hear or to know things that would be helpful.

With much gratitude,

Wilbur Albrecht

Hey Bob,

I'm about to turn 40 and I experienced a very swift and profound spiritual awakening a little under two years ago. As a result of this, my life took a very different direction and I developed a burning desire to learn about who/what I actually am, and what existence is about. This led me to the Amazon Basin to stay with a shaman and experience plant medicine, after which I realized there are other ancient practices that can also shed negative energies, one of which is breathing techniques.

So whilst reading about rebirthing in Bob's revised edition of 'Nothing in this Book is True, But it's Exactly How it is', I decided that this is the guy to show me his Breath Alchemy technique.

I took part in several sessions, every one of which was different from the last, with each one culminating in a massive uplifting burst of positive energy pulsing through my system. I felt and literally knew that I am pure energy as the intense feelings came and went, it was a thoroughly liberating experience. Even though my first session was extremely intense, I never once felt afraid, I always felt comfortable under Bob's guidance, he really does know what is going on with you the moment any sensation changes occur.

As a result of my Breath Alchemy sessions, I am flowing through my life much smoother, my reactivity is calming down, and I am meditating with more ease and for longer. I certainly feel more in touch with my higher expression, and that is everything to me, because that's what I came 'here' for 😉

All in all I strongly recommend Breath Alchemy to anybody who wants to further their spiritual journey or simply improve their general well-being in this life, and Bob is the man to learn from.

P.S.   I've done one Breath Alchemy session and it was superb, I had strong feelings of energy in my feet, hands and chest again, and I was over the moon afterwards! I plan another session this weekend/early next week, thanks again for your brilliant guidance.

I'm loving the book by the way 😉
In Lak'ech

Paul Scholes 


Just another well deserved "nice job" Bob.  We look so forward to next Tuesday @ 1:30! There are no words yet invented to express the depth of gratitude and appreciation for what you have done for both of us...

I would like to offer my large thanks for the expertise with which you are handling our healing. It is very large indeed and we are VERY lucky to have you as our guide.

Best Wishes,

Carla and Craig

Working with Bob, in my Breath Alchemy sessions, was stellar and insightful. He is a fun coach and was very focused, present and available for my experience.

Looking back before starting Breath Alchemy, I noticed myself feeling reactive and agitated about things during my day. I resisted much of reality the way it is. I would spin in my mind about how things should be different in society or how people should behave better.

After Breath Alchemy, I have felt more willingness to accept the way reality is and not resist it in subconscious projection. I allow for what is with a sense of neutral presence. I let life be more as it is now. I feel less impatient and more in the flow and am better able to find enjoyment in the present moment.

During the sessions, I was able to transform limiting feelings that arose. I experienced becoming super present. My awareness felt so heightened and the aliveness that came over me was astonishing, healing and blissful.

The take away from this work, that I am still noticing, is experiencing more freedom with most everything that happens during the day. I learned how to harmonize with any feeling that arose in my body and found a way to make peace with it. I breathe more consciously now. I am more present with myself, more in touch with the sensations in my body. And can enter into the moment with greater presence of heart, which has given rise to feeling more aligned with my higher self and more available to synchronicity.

Most grateful,

Robert Brady

Hi there Bob,

Thank you so much!!! My life is no longer the same, after having the Breath Alchemy sessions with you. It was a wonderful experience and I am eternally grateful. Blessing and light to you and you take care of yourself!



Hi there Bob!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extremely powerful and life changing Breath Alchemy sessions. I feel a huge shift underway and it's all good!!! I have already given myself a number of sessions as well as my partner and her daughter (they were both quite amazed!)

Once again, thank you Bob, it's been an absolute pleasure!



The first time I did a Breath Alchemy session with Bob Frissell was the healthiest and most energized I have felt in my entire adult life. I had no idea it was possible for the human body to experience so much prana flowing through it - I was, quite simply, amazed.

Nick Ladd Director, Glade Festival (UK)

I highly recommend what I learned from you Bob. I experienced moments of a very real state of pure divine consciousness during my Breath Alchemy sessions. You are a genuinely rare and wonderful man who facilitated the process in a very safe space with much wisdom cultivated from continual personal practice.



Just a quick to note to thank you for the inspiring and blissful Breath Alchemy sessions. I experienced such peace, harmony and unity that I felt as if I had always breathed that way, it was effortless. Afterwards my body was so full of prana that it was literally shaking with the energy! A truly magical experience. I left feeling very conscious, very awake, and with all the innocence of a child restored to me.... thank you!

Love, light and blessings,


Hi Folks - It was great being with all of you at Bob's weekend.

On Monday morning I did a Breath Alchemy session with Bob. I figured I had flown all the way from NYC so I might as well do the whole deal. I've done breathwork before so I didn't expect a huge amount. Well - here's what I can say. I've been a psychotherapist for 40 years and I'm also, personally, a therapy and healing junkie. I've probably tried just about every form of therapy and healing that's out there. One of two of the things I've done have transformed my life. But - I never experienced a profound energy release like in this session with Bob.

It was truly amazing - on a physical and energy level, the most healing experience I have ever had. I won't say anything more about it, because I suspect that each person's experience is unique, but I can say that even Bob's words about Breath Alchemy over the weekend only could give a glimmer of the power and beauty of this approach. I hate to tell people what to do but I can't help it - do a session with Bob, guys! (Full disclosure - I get no cut from Bob for saying this).



Hi Bob,

I just had the most amazing Breath Alchemy session. I was able to surrender again and I cannot take credit as all I did was allow the process to guide me. It is so much easier when you do not try to control it and just allow yourself to just be. I do call all parts of myself back in the beginning of a session as well as Mother Mary. Her presence brings me comfort. The love and peace I feel upon completion is truly indescribable.

I feel immense gratitude for having the honor of meeting you and taking your Breath Alchemy sessions. I read once God sends you nothing but angels and you Bob are a blessing in my life.

Looking forward to spending more time with you soon. Much love and blessing to you.



Dear Bob,

Hope this email finds you well!

It was an immense pleasure to have received the Breath Alchemy coaching sessions from you. I have learned and felt so much, and would like to sincerely thank you for being my teacher. I am going to grow with what I've learned from you so that one day I will know it just as inherently as I know to wake when I'm rested and to sleep when I tire.

Best regards,


I have experienced many modalities in my 25 or 30 years of metaphysical journeying and I can say wholeheartedly: Breath Alchemy a la Bob Frissell is the most healing and beneficial gift I have ever given myself. The oxygenation alone is worth the price of admission!! Take it from someone who spent many, many hours confined to a desk and computer.

Beyond that, Bob's approach of non-judgment and allowing while coaching the breathing sessions allows integration into wholeness that is life enhancing and enriching. It is taking me to a wonderfully grounded and joyful place energetically. In a healthy, safe, calm and supportive way, Bob is guiding me to the skills that I will be able to use any place, any time for the rest of my life--and it's as close as my nearest breath!!


Hi Bob,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Breath Alchemy sessions, but most importantly for the session on Sunday. At one point I remember that there was nothing else, but these overwhelming physical sensations (not even me) and your voice that guided me through them. I don't think I have ever experienced anything so powerful. All I am doing since then is reliving it over and over again. Thank you!!!

I hope you have safe trips during your busy schedule for the next couple of months. Thank you for doing what you're doing!!


Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well. This past weekend I decided to take the Breath of Life workshop with Bob Frissell. It turns out to be the best critical decision I made in a while. I had such powerful integration experience from it and gain insight at many different levels. Before taking it I thought it would be just another breathing practice. I felt quite balanced emotionally that my mind was telling me I probably don't need much emotional clearing. Good thing my higher self-guided me differently.

In my first session, I realized quickly the value of this experience and the healing potential it had. By Sunday, during the second Breath Alchemy session, I applied techniques that Bob taught us. Under his care and supervision, I was able to experience deep integration, where the energy shifted from potential pain to acceptance, gratitude and bliss. It was intensely beautiful and amazing. A big "WOW".

I'm taking the time to share this because I highly respect this method and its potential in healing subconscious emotional trauma. I say subconscious because I didn't know I have it in me. Apparently, all incomplete bitter past experience including past life experience and birth trauma are stored in the body in the form of stuck energy that can give us bitter fruits at unexpected times. Breath Alchemy can help free us from this stuck energy. I'm glad to experience it first-hand.

Much Light,


Hello all,

I just wanted to say that I agree 100% with Dewi. I had a Breath Alchemy session with Bob the Sunday after we all met and it was awesome. Even more than that is I've taken what Bob taught me in one session and have been doing it at home, by myself with incredible results.

Thank you, Bob!


My personal Breath Alchemy sessions with Bob were the most powerful healing experiences of my life, leaving me remarkably relaxed, calm, stress-free and clear.

Roger Brundage M.D

Praise for Stress Management Breakthrough:
Transforming Suffering into Bliss!!

This is an incredible body of work and very timely for our tumultuous stress-filled world!

Dee Kennedy

Stress integrates and is no longer present; leaving feelings of openness, levity, clarity, and emotional freedom.

RR Sears M.D., American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology- Board Certified Psychiatrist

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful book!

Linda Jensen

Bob Frissell has distilled a lifetime of experience and wisdom to create a unique comprehensive, brilliant, clear guide to stress reduction.  This is a life-changing book.

Kenneth Porter, M.D., Spiritual Psychiatrist and former President, Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Within a week I was feeling like a different person! Everyone can tell the difference.

Ken Stone

I got my joy...peace...control---and life back!

Linda Landis

I woke up this morning feeling happy and energetic.

Roy Reslock

Thank you for giving me such powerful resources in my life! Bob, you are greatly appreciated!!

Gayle W., Bradford, VT

Bless you for sharing your work with the world. Your insights are absolutely brilliant

Barbara B., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Even though I had some initial doubts, in just a few short pages I realized that I had found exactly what I have been looking for!!

Joe Stermer

Praise for Igniting Your Inner Light

Dear Bob,

I'm still reeling from the experience of your incredible facilitation of Igniting Your Inner Light. I think what really put it over the top was the exploration of LOVE and its' powerful ability to captivate the galaxy.


Adam Lovelace

I too want to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for opening up a whole new world for me. It has been so incredible since then - truly magical - and I have the intention upon keeping it this way until it's time to transcend! Thank you for being such a sweet, docile, charming, amusing, safe teacher. I truly hope we all get to be together forever...!



Wow! Thanks so much for the mind expanding and love inducing Igniting Your Inner Light. You are the heart of the new counter-culture.


Bob I can’t thank you enough for what this has done for me. I feel whole for the first time in my life. I've integrated my negative emotions into positive vibrations. My heart is spreading love far and wide, and I have you to thank. I finally feel my full potential as a human being.

In Love and Light,

Michael Kusmann

It is a great course.. Thank you so much! You have managed to sift through all the chaff and bring together uniquely powerful wisdom for transformation. I am amazed!!

All the best!


Hi Bob,

I did the meditations this morning and felt so much love and energy flowing through me to all life and the universe. Wow - such powerful stuff. Thanks again Bob for sharing all this! I feel very blessed and am determined to pass the blessings on.

In Gratitude,



Thank you so much for a wonderful course I It was life changing, I can never look at things the same way again. And for the better. I find myself smiling for no reason I can think of.

I will highly recommend the course to anyone who might have an interest.


Hi Bob,

Thanks again for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me You are a wonderful shining light – thank you for the work you are doing!!!



Hey Bob,

I hope all is well with you. I'm sending you this to thank you again for the course, and for all that you have done for us. I was listening to a song today by Nas called "We're not alone" that reminded me of you, and like Nas says:

'You inserted something in me or reminded me of something that made me feel worthier'! You have made me a better person and for that I can't thank you enough!



I wanted to take this opportunity to express to you my appreciation and unqualified endorsement for your course. It gave me a taste of what Unity Consciousness is and was a foretaste of our coming ascension. I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking spiritual growth.

John R. Franklin

Thank you for a great course I'm glad I went with my intuition and got it. You filled in a lot of the missing pieces in my life, I feel very free! Thank you again.

Love and light,


Thank you for your assistance and the part you played in me remembering myself. I love you and Thank you!!

M.L., New York, NY

Bob, I am very grateful for all of the knowledge, insights, and spiritual growth that I received from Igniting Your Inner Light. It indeed has changed the course of my life dramatically! With much gratitude and love.

C.B., Colorado


Thank you for a perfect course. I am truly a different person.


K.B., Laguna Beach, CA

Praise for 15th Anniversary Edition Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are.

I picked up an earlier edition of "Nothing in this Book is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are" less than a year ago at a friend's book sale. A family member while visiting, picked it up and couldn't stop reading it until he had finished the book the next day! I then began reading it, and a couple days later I realized I had passed a turning point. Everything finally made sense.

Bob Frissell's story weaves in so many things: sacred geometry, UFOs, REAL ancient history, dimensional shifts, the 2012 prophecy and our role in it, the Merkaba meditation and Flower of Life, Rebirthing, Conscious Breathing. Yet he tells this story in such a way that it is uncomplicated and obvious, with plenty of facts, resources and illustrations to support the information. The new revised and expanded edition adds updated information as well as the Merkaba breath meditation.

As Bob Frissell puts it "There are no accidents", and since reading this book a lot has opened up for me. I continue to follow the thread of information, but this book is the sort of "primer" that puts everything together seamlessly, packed with information. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in sacred geometry, what's really going on with the 2012 prophecies, multi-dimensions and where we are (and were!).

Natalie Mack

Bob Frissell's book came to me in the late nineties. It explained a lot of new information in a way I could easily understand. I appreciated Bob Frissell's book even more, after I read Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life books because, Frissell's book was a great mini-condensed version of Drunvalo's books. Frissell's book certainly brought clarity to what Drunvalo had written. Anyone reading The Flower of Life books, NEEDS to read Frissell's book.

This revision is so timely and a significant contribution to help all of us understand and deal with the personal and global challenges being faced today. I seldom read a book twice, but this book certainly is the exception. There is so much information in it, you just can't get it all the first time and the revisions bring the reader up to date on some important information.

Linda Summer

History & future, life as you know it, or do not know, this book is for you. The book's contents are extraordinary yet, each chapter is easy to understand, & leaves you in awe & wonder. In a word, Bob's study & research is phenomenal.

I was especially touched by the healing story of Bob's beloved cat Freddie. This book is hard to put down once you start reading. A great book to add to one's library for learning, & reference for now, and the days to come.


Bob Frissell gives the reader a Cook's Tour of Humanity's arcane history and efforts of the Forces of Light to keep us from falling off the evolutionary spiral into the Great Void. He pulls back the veil to reveal the sacred geometrical underpinnings of the Cosmos through chapters on The Flower of Life. Finally leading us into events beginning in the 1970s that began to prepare us for the Mayan Cosmic Finale of 2012. Rather than a gloom and doom forecast, the news is good. If we accept our Cosmic responsibility and meet 2012 with open eyes, the transition will bring those things which the "eye has not seen nor the ear heard"-a gentle birth into an era of sharing and Christ Consciousness.


Having read this book a few years ago, I was happy to see the newly updated version on shelves. I bought one as a present and reread it before i gave it to the person. Mr. Frissell does an excellent job of breaking down hard to understand subjects in a simple manner. I've given this book to quite a few friends and all of them love it as much as I do. Also having read Drunvalo's books I feel that this book is a great compliment to the flower of life books. I hold this book in the same regard as Behold a Pale Horse and the Biggest Secret. I highly recommend "Nothing in This Book Is True, but It's Exactly How Things Are”.


Dear Mr. Frissell:

I just received your book Nothing In This Book is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are and felt compelled to write you. I first heard of you and your work in the multi-media book Transforming Through 2012 and wanted to learn more, so I ordered your book and CD, Changes Are Us. I wanted to say how much I appreciate your down-to-earth, plain and simple way of communicating on what is a very complex subject. It's certainly refreshing and reassuring, given the gravity of the topics you're addressing.

When I listened to the CD and as I have been reading, it has felt as though you have your hand on my shoulder and you're guiding me through this dense thicket of information to the light on the other side. For this I am extremely grateful, as I have been hearing many different viewpoints on 2012 and as I'm sure you know, there are many that are fear-based or at least that seem to bring up fear in me. This is why I needed to write and say thank you.

I have heard of Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life information, although I have never studied it. Now you have piqued my interest. I am especially interested in rebirthing and would love to work with you personally.

In the meantime, thank you again for your contributions to humanity with your work. I send you all the love and light in my heart and many blessings on your personal journey into the new age. I know I will meet you there, if not before.


Sandra Winter

I read this book in the late nineties. The information was like "soul food" as my intuition acknowledged the profound truths it held. I am so excited now to have more updated information in this new expanded version. I have always loved the way Bob was able to take an enormous amount of information and condensed it into one "user-friendly" format - the real "meat and potatoes" version. Bob's new updates make this book a vital guiding light for the coming times.

Brenda Lappin

I had read an earlier version of this book (and I loved it!), so I was looking forward to this 15th anniversary edition with great anticipation and I was not disappointed. I have taken both of Bob Frissell's workshops (The Flower of Life and The Breath of Life) and I highly recommend them both. This book is their perfect companion and is the next best thing for those of you who have not. It is loaded with new and timely information on Uops and ET’s, environmental issues, the Unity Consciousness Grid, healing and Higher Self connection.

I was especially pleased to find a chapter on Hopi and Mayan prophecies, along with the emerging date of December 21, 2012 and what that really means. It answered many lingering questions for me, and helped me to realize that not only is there nothing to fear, but that this is a time of tremendous joy!

The author did a masterful job of taking these and other seemingly unrelated topics and weaving them together into a clear and concise package.

If you are at all like me, you will quickly discover that you need two copies; one for yourself, and one to share with friends.

Lois C

This incredible book was revolutionary when it first appeared, but Frissell's information in the new edition is if anything even more amazing. Be warned - this is very far-out stuff - but if you have an open mind and want to read what virtually no one else (except, of course, one of Frissell's sources, Drunvalo Melchizedek) prepare to have a fascinating experience. Very highly recommended.

Ken Porter

As an avid fan of Bob Frissell's books,(they have simply changed my life forever), I was quite pleased to hear of the updated edition of Nothing In This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are. I read it in two days, and was completely blown away!!

The book is filled with new and timely information on such diverse topics as the UFO phenomenon, Earth changes, sacred geometry, the merkaba, Earth history, Native American prophecies, the Unity Consciousness Grid a viable explanation of 2012, the Breath of Life and how it promotes healing and Higher Self connection. Everything is then tied together to present a big-screen view of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness, and how we can be conscious co-creators in the process. This book is truly a gift, it is a must read for anyone trying to make sense out of these tremendously accelerated times.

Thank you Bob!

James Sparkman

I love your book!! Nothing in this book is true but its exactly how things are!!! wow I am so enlightened by reading your book you have given me so many answers to questions I have had in my mind for years!!

Being one of the unfortunate people to have had a few nights of alien contact when I was a child, which really confused me for so long...I now have a better understanding of it all and I want you to know that it has made a HUGE difference in my life.  I am thirstier for knowledge than I have ever been and it feels so good. Thank you Bob Frissell and God Bless You!!

Sincerely from the heart,

Jill Benavidez

Just finished "nothing in this book is true ...Fantastic, actually better than that but have no words to describe how I feel!!!!"


Dear Bob,

This past two years have been for me a leap in knowledge and consciousness. A teacher in my college has been the reason I was exposed to this information. The first book that opened my eyes was "nothing in this book is true", which was a photocopy because I am originally from Cyprus and getting ahold of such books is extremely difficult. I have moved to the UK now and have access to even more books and even found out the sequel companion book to your first one. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to opening my horizons to these information. The feeling was there for a whole year after an experience I had, and your books came to back me up and give me the comfort that I wasn't just "inventing" things or going "insane".

I now have an unlimited craving for knowledge and feel I'm going through a similar experience as your friend Brian whom you describe in your sequel book to "nothing..." Through your work I have exposed myself into the works of Drunvalo, Eckhart Tolle, Nisargadata, Yogananda, Babaji, and so on.

Thank you again,

Love and appreciation,



I'm sure you get this response all the time but allow me to reiterate. I brought your book "Nothing" into my life at precisely the right moment and all the information in it rang true in every cell in my body. Up until that point I had shut out everything or almost everything that was presented to me. I believe and know that the reason was to allow me to sponge up all of this information. I have never met you but you assisted in my ongoing transition. Thank you Bob and god bless you for introducing re-birthing.

Love and Peace,


Truly a blessing! Bob's new edition of Nothing in This Book Is True but It's Exactly How Things Are, is incredible! With all the new information, it's amazing that such a classic has been turned into a brand new book that is more relevant today than when it was written 15 years ago! It helped me to understand the challenging times we are in and to find peace with the changes that are soon to come. Must reading in preparation for 2012!

Rev. A.M. Crilly

Mr. Frissell,

While in San Francisco last weekend I happened upon your book 'Nothing in this book...' in a thrift store and was instantly intrigued by the description on the back. Needless to say, I bought the book and and finished reading it yesterday. I feel as though I was meant to find that book at that particular time. In fact, that was the second time this year that I have had a book just kind of fall into my lap with ideas that fit into where my thoughts have been heading anyways.

Over the past year or so I have struck up and interest in discovering why the world is in the state that it is in and where I fit into to the larger picture. One thing that I am sure of is that humanity is on the verge of something amazing. Your book has just reconfirmed that for me. In all of the things that I have been studying there seems to be threads that are running through all of these different ideas. It is like the pieces of a puzzle are being given to me and I am supposed to put them together to see that picture that I have been looking for.

I just wanted to say thank you for providing me with one of those pieces. I look forward to studying the ideas in 'Nothing in this book...' in further detail. I hope to read your other books soon and maybe one day even attending one of the workshops that you offer.

Thank you very much!


Addison Smith

I am half-way through the You are a Spiritual Being book and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it. My name is Levi Stribling and I'm currently in Hawaii. This is the path that my father guided me on since I was a child, a path that I had felt for my whole life, but nothing really set down in writing to validate it. I look forward to participating in one or two of your workshops soon. I am currently working on my meditation (I'm still beginning), but I I'll get there. I just wanted to thank you for the message and I look forward to learning so much more about my true masterful self.


Levi Stribling

I have read and enjoyed all your books and hope to have the pleasure of attending your workshops. Through your wonderful books you have brought us, human creature trying to achieve enlightenment, profound truths that will serve to dispel the darkness that enfolds our planet. Your books are truly a gift of Spirit.

I am immensely grateful for your books.


For the last couple years, my wife and I have had intentions of becoming more in-touch with our spiritual nature, and meditation, etc... I stumbled upon your book when I did a Google search for Nancy Tappe (someone that was recommended to me when we were in Sedona). The title "Spiritual Being..." really caught my eye. I got the book for Christmas. I started it a week ago. the last week has truly been the most amazing time in my human life. It feels as though every word was written directly for me (Being itself). Every word... I might have well written it.

In the past week I have been reminded of thoughts and feelings from my early childhood. I am waking up to the Unity of Being, and understanding how to change the context for my future. I look forward to understanding the possibilities, and potential of the universe. Thank you! I look forward to finishing this book, ordering more, and hopefully meeting you someday.