Breath of Life: Your Complete Guide to a Harmonized Life


Harmonizing is a way of living that is in alignment with Universal Principles. It is about flowing with the natural currents of life rather than struggling to swim upstream. By applying the Harmonizing Principle, you are embracing the reality of your experience, whatever your experience is moment by moment.

Breath of Life (BOL) is the practical application of the Harmonizing Principle. It is a system that enables you to cause emotional resolution with regard to any stressful situation, working at the feeling level. It enables you to relieve yourself from the burden of negativity that you have carried with you from suppressing emotions from any part of life.

Breath of Life then, is a process for harmonizing the emotional and spiritual energies of the body. It can be applied in dedicated sessions and also in day-to-day life.

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In this extraordinary book, Bob Frissell has distilled a lifetime of experience and wisdom - and distilled the teachings of the great spiritual traditions to create a unique comprehensive, brilliant, clear guide to emotional, physical and spiritual healing that is easily accessible to both beginners and advanced students on the spiritual path.

One of two of the things I've done have transformed my life. But - I have never experienced a profound energy release like in my experiences with Breath of Life. My experiences have been truly amazing - on a physical and energy level, the most healing experience I have ever had.

This is a life-changing book.

Kenneth Porter, M.D., Spiritual Psychiatrist and former President, Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy