The “Hidden” Spiritual Truth That

Bless You With More Love,
Give You Greater

Abundance, And Divinely Compel
You Toward

Your Ultimate Contribution For The Planet!


Feeling frustrated when it comes to spirituality and your struggles with just going through the motions?

Do you feel disconnected...lonely...even at a loss about your progress?

What if I told you that several clients of mine who have read this very page you're reading now are connecting with their truest self and unlocking their unlimited spiritual potential...

...simply by leveraging the power of 1 new and revolutionary technique that allows them to forge an unshakable connection to their inner compass.

It's a very unique approach to spirituality that's turning struggling spiritual enthusiasts into inspiring success stories.

Listen, I get it if this sounds too good to be true. And it's only normal to feel a bit skeptical.

Just let me ask you this:

Would hearing more about this new method interest you if I virtually guaranteed it would save you months, even years of continued heartache and disappointment?

Keep reading and you'll see exactly how they're pulling it off, and how you can too.

PLUS: I'll reveal the REAL reason why some of the more popular spirituality approaches leave you worse off than they found you.

It's a reason very few "experts" talk about... yet it's one that every serious inner awareness enthusiasts must get in order to succeed.

Just a word of warning:

The Odds Are Against You Unless You Really Get This

I'm the furthest thing from a pessimist, but the numbers don't lie.

Are you aware that over 50% of Americans wish they were someone else? Or that an estimated 85% of the entire population suffers from low self-esteem?

And as shocking as it may sound, up to 75% of all Americans feel as though they are living life with no real sense of purpose.

Those numbers do not bode well for you...and you absolutely need an edge. A way of approaching things that helps you avoid becoming just another number inside a nightmare statistic...

Why You Should Listen to Me

In case you don't know me already, my name is Bob Frissell.

I’ve had a passion for spirituality for many years, and I’ve managed to help many thousands achieve their spiritual goals.

However, not too long ago, I was in your shoes. Believe me, I was a long ways away from embracing a new level of inner awareness or overcoming downward spirals.

What you're about to read is raw and unfiltered, and it isn't all wine and roses. It is safe for work, but it's uncensored in the honesty department. I don't believe in sugarcoating the truth, but I do believe the lessons I learned along the way will save you months, even years of frustration.

I’m a lot like you; however, I’ve also had some unique experiences. These led to insights that you’ll find extremely helpful.

That was how I started...and now? The life I'm living is fulfilled in ways I never dreamed possible.

And it really turned around for me once I discovered and started using what I'm sharing today...

This Is What You Really Want (Let’s Be Honest)…

First, let's get clear on your #1 goal:

You want to connect with your truest self and live your life with real meaning and purpose.

Now, you may also want to release recurring negative and dis-empowering thoughts...

...and create unconditional love and kindness and compassion as well.

And if you're anything like me, you want to do ALL of this...

• While you inspire your friends and family...

With a sense of style...
• Faster...
• Easier...
• And while you grow in every area of your life...

However, The Stakes Are Higher Than You Think

Now, because I've already connected with my truest self, I am beyond confident that the tip I'll share today will give you new hope and spectacular success when it comes to spirituality...

...and that by taking action, you can realize many of your spirituality dreams as well.

However, just know this: there are serious consequences for not taking action. Besides continuing on in the rut that you're in... may end up on a path that takes you in the opposite direction of your greatest destiny.

Now that's the worst case scenario, but I've seen it happen more than I care to remember. And since neither of us wants that to happen to you, let's get you moving in the right direction...

My Life after Applying What You’re About To Discover

First, let me tell you how my story turned out:

My life totally changed for the better when an “ah-ha” moment happened to me.

I remember back in the day, when I was a holistic coach and a seminar leader, working with some very successful people.
I was booked months in advance, my seminars were full. I was living in my “dream home”

Yet, despite all of my experience and training, and all of my “success”, I was out of touch with my True Spiritual essence. While the fruits of my work in the world proved to be materially rewarding, spiritually I was dying on the vine.

My abusive, dysfunctional marriage was crumbling before my eyes. My thriving career was becoming tedious and unfulfilling. My home was morphing into a gilded cage; a prison rather than a sanctuary....

Finally I asked myself one vital, life-changing question: “Bob, how have you, of all people, accepted this as your destiny?” The Universe answered my question: “It is because of your Unresolved Spiritual Karma.” And this is the very thing that brought you here today: Your own unresolved spiritual karma.

Despite your pain, it has been the compass that finally led you here. And consider yourself fortunate: My path led to more misery and heartbreak than I can possibly share.

However, it was through that pain that I was jarred awake. I then took a radical inventory of my life, my desires, my co-creations, and my path. And I asked myself another question… "Are you living from your Truest Self?" The answer was a resounding “No”"

My work in the world honed my skills and gave me the tools to heal people on many levels. However, what I am sharing today was…The understanding that healed my soul... It will heal yours as well.

Believe me, I’m no different than you are. It was only through aligning myself with my Spiritual Essence that the true success I now enjoy came into being. I’m here today to guide you into the same experience: The manifestation of abundance, excitement, inner peace and joy into your life. ..

So believe me when I say: there's a lot of hope for you.

Now let me ask you something:

What Would Your Life Look Like if
I Could Help You Erase Your Challenges?

Would you enjoy a greater sense of flow and harmony, reconnecting to what is truly important in life, or even a knowing that transcends all doubt when it comes to your most important decisions?

These are dreams realized by so many of my inner awareness clients and friends... and I want the same for you.

And I truly believe that by following my advice, you can align yourself to universal vibration and embrace spiritual growth.

I can say that with quite a bit of confidence, because thousands of men and women just like you are forging an unshakable connection to their inner compass and thriving in inner peace and joy.

And by their own words, they owe much of their success to the new approach I'll cover today.

First, make sure you...

RUN From These 3 Common Lies and Myths

There is a ton of bad advice out there when it comes to trusting yourself like never before and leaving anxiety in the dust.

For starters, you may believe you can't accept changes to your lifestyle.

It's a myth called Unending Evolution, and I used to buy into that lie myself.

However, the truth is our lifestyles change almost daily.

You can take that to the bank.

And once you discard that mistaken belief, you may find that the popular myth of judging virtually everything that happens in your life also falls by the wayside.

Many folks I know bought into this one ...yet in reality the very act of judging is so counterproductive that you cannot get on with your life when you do.

Another common myth in the spirituality community is really a deal-breaker. You may fall victim to "The Positive Thinking Trap".

The Positive Thinking Trap is when you have to think only positive thoughts...

...but believe it or not this makes the barrier between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind even thicker.

So how did all this misinformation get around? Some believe it's all thanks to traditions that may have served you well earlier, yet no longer do;
and well-intended teachers who are not up on the latest research

...while I lean toward thinking it's our cultural upbringing
at the root of it all.

Regardless, there is one universal truth when it comes to spirituality...and it just so happens to be...

What's Truly Holding You Back

If you want to know what's really holding you back from trusting yourself like never before it's this:

Not Living Your “Sacred Purpose”…

Not Living Your Sacred Purpose means you are out of alignment with your truest self...

Picture a glass ceiling inches above your head---What would happen if you were to take a leap upward? You’d hit your head… and perhaps even worse:
You’d shatter the ceiling above you, sending shards of broken glass raining down on your body.

Ouch! Not fun.

Well, this is exactly what is happening in your spiritual life…specifically, in the realm of abundance.

If you are out of alignment with your Sacred Purpose, even by just a smidge, you create a spiritual ceiling above your head. You limit the heights to which you can rise and put a barrier between you and Universal Abundance.

The Effects Of Not Living Your Sacred Purpose Are Often Very Serious…

Not Living Your Sacred Purpose can lead to far worse problems than struggling.

For example, it can lead to concerns like guaranteed unhappiness...

...and this can be a serious problem because you are left with the suffering, the agony, the isolation, and the emptiness of a life only partially lived.

It can also lead to emotional trauma...and this can be a serious problem---because it will take a whole lot of obsessive shopping, prescription drugs, alcohol, getting caught up in life’s drama, or jam-packing your schedule so chock-full that you can hardly breathe to distract yourself from the pain.

This may sound bleak, but believe me: there's a solid path to where you want to go. Just keep reading...

The Early Warning Signs of Not Living Your Sacred Purpose

So what triggers Not Living Your Sacred Purpose? Are there red flags you should pay attention to? And how can you spot it before it happens again?

For starters, you need to pay attention to looking to find fulfillment from outside sources, from your circumstances. You know if only you had a better job, or if only you had the right relationship; then your life would turn out. When this happens, Not Living Your Sacred Purpose is often just around the corner.

Fortunately I have a way around it. You will never find your true Self by looking outside. You find it only by going inside.

Here's another Not Living Your Sacred Purpose trigger: just going through the motions, and merely existing rather than thriving in inner peace and joy.

This one can sneak up on you, but here's how to handle it: You begin by acknowledging your wholeness and bringing that into your life situations. Then whatever you are doing becomes a place in which to experience and express the context of wholeness that you have created.

As helpful as these tips may be, they are not the ultimate solution. However, in order to convey the impact and power this can bring into your life, I first need to let you in on the backstory.

This is what laid the foundation that led me to discover a permanent solution to Not living my Sacred Purpose...and a path to connecting with my truest self that made all the difference in the world...

A Tip I picked Up Along The Journey That Changed My Life Forever

One of the secrets to my success in spirituality is the leveraging the power of role models. I learned over the years to be very selective. And even more important:

I learned to spot consistent patterns.

It's great when something works for one person, or two. That may help you in the short term. However, I decided to be a "pattern spy". I wanted to see if the ultra-successful had traits in common. That way I could discount factors like experience, luck, and natural gifts.

One of my favorite living from your truest self-success patterns story involves Tony Robbins. Let me share why, and see if you can spot the pattern I did that led to such success.

Tony started off broke, overweight, and depressed.

Through his skills of role modeling, he was able to use techniques like NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis to build a balanced life of health, wealth, and relationships.

What's Behind This Success...And How You Can Replicate It

You hear stories like that of Tony Robbins and you may be tempted to think to yourself, "Yeah, but folks like that usually have no problems, as though they have always lived on "Easy Street"."

Is that true? Not at all.

In reality, they are just like you in many ways---they have just learned how to transform pain, frustration, and unhappiness into wellness, joy, and abundance.

And have you ever said this to yourself? "Sure, inspiring, but I'd have to possess some super-natural abilities to pull it off." You know, I used to think the same thing. In reality, you have the same abilities and wisdom as they do---it is all contained within you. You just have to learn how to access your inner awareness, your connection to your truest self.

Another myth is that successful spiritual enthusiasts seem to have hidden talents. It sounds reasonable, but it's simply a myth...

...and it's one holding you back from a solution that actually works:

After A Long Journey Filled With Trials And Errors
I Finally Discovered What Actually Works

What do the most successful have in common?

I studied dozens of spiritually minded people and I found they have this in common:

==> they make each moment an opportunity to be present.

I noticed that the most successful inner awareness-minded folks were doing this consistently. Day-in, and day-out. Like clockwork.

At first this slipped by me. To be honest, I used to think I was a pretty savvy spiritual person until I started role-modeling other folks who had this down.

And once I did, I never looked back. Within about 90 days or less, my entire outlook on spirituality changed, and the success I had once struggled to find finally found me.

This experience left me with this 1 powerful truth:

If You Truly Wish to Succeed You Must Leverage What's Called "Living Your Sacred Purpose"

When I finally shared the concept of living your Sacred Purpose with a small group of my customers and colleagues, the consensus was, "That's the answer. When we started using this approach, we trusted ourselves like never before."

So, what is it?

Your Sacred Purpose is the reason you chose to come here in this lifetime. It’s the heart and soul of your very existence. It guides you to the most evolved version of yourself: the real you, down to your core. Fully embodying your Sacred Purpose isn’t a decision, it’s a journey. One that I call The Path of the Higher Self.

Let me unpack that a bit further for you:

Imagine if you will that you are part of a planetary transition team, you needed to come here and go to sleep and then wake up. That is your expertise, and you have done the first part perfectly! It is now time to wake up and remember your Sacred Purpose---your reason for coming here. You are an Spiritual Master, here to assist the planet in its' awakening.

A Few Quick Tips For Starting With “Living Your Sacred Purpose”

I've discovered a few tactics along the way that help my customers get started applying living your Sacred Purpose to their spirituality goals.

Here's my first tip:  Change your identity: You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

Here's another tip my customers find helpful:

Burn with the fire of purpose---more than anything else, you want to live every moment of your life as an expression of your most connected and authentic self. Then, trust your inner guidance---follow Spirit without hesitation.

There's also another way of approaching spirituality that can work, but it's not one that works as consistently as living your Sacred Purpose:

spend as much time in nature as you can. I have a very specific way of doing this that radically increases your ability to be present in life.

You can try that if you want, but like I said, I don't find it as reliable...

So What Do You Do Next?

These tips, as solid as they are, just are not enough to really get spiritual enthusiasts connecting with their truest self, and flowing with the currents of the Divine.

That requires one more important step.

Let me share how I came up with what many a spiritual enthusiast calls "the definite system" for maximizing living your Sacred Purpose.

Here's the story:

I spent the past 37 years perfecting the technique of reconnecting to our multi-dimensional awareness---to create the fastest way possible for creating lasting inner peace and joyful living, without running into any of the usual "speed bumps"---like looking to find fulfillment from outside sources, from your circumstances.

This led to the creation of a truly unique system for anyone wanting to forge an unshakable connection to your inner compass that rapidly gives you the ability to thrive in inner peace and joy and create a life that reflects who you truly are,.

It does it all without being stopped by the barriers that have kept you trapped in merely existing... and on top of that, it's a plan that just about every spiritual enthusiast who has tried it finds stellar, transcendent, and remarkable...

Introducing Breath of Life Guided Sessions

Breath of Life (BOL) guided sessions take you on a wondrous journey of self-discovery, down to the very core of your Being. It virtually fast tracks you to applying living your Sacred Purpose in a way that's as enjoyable as it is effective.

I give sessions both on Skype and in person, so distance from me is never a problem. Sessions with me are more than just sessions; in addition, they are lessons in how to use the process by yourself.

Your first session will be an amazing experience! You will permanently resolve emotions that have been causing you problems. You will feel your own individual spirit vividly, as you are replacing unpleasant, health-draining stress, tension, and anxiety with aliveness enhancing calmness and inner peace. You will probably feel better than you ever have in your life! The session includes pre and post session coaching, and usually takes two hours.

Here's what you can look forward to experiencing with Breath of Life Guided Sessions…

• You can easily harmonize the emotional and spiritual energies of your body, so you can truly be unconditionally loving---without the need to try and control the behavior of others so as to not activate the emotions that you previously were making wrong

• You can quickly thrive in inner peace and joy and create a life that reflects who you truly are---without being stopped by the barriers that have kept you trapped in merely existing...

• You can effortlessly give your life the joy, the meaning, the fulfillment that your soul has been longing for---without looking to find fulfillment from outside sources...

• You can easily follow your internal guidance system without hesitation...


You Say: "Will Breath of Life Guided Sessions Work For Me?"

I'm sure you're wondering if Breath of Life Guided Sessions can work for you, even if you think you've tried just about everything when it comes to spirituality.

Well, let me set you at ease:

During the years I spent looking for the TRUTH...

...years studying the most successful spiritual enthusiasts case studies I could find...

...years spent honing, testing, re-testing, and perfecting Breath of Life to make sure it was as flexible as it is powerful...

...I hit pay dirt.

By standing on the shoulders of giants (and thanks to some of my own unique insights), you now have at your fingertips what hundreds of spiritual enthusiasts hail as the best system they have ever come across when it comes to working "against all odds".

Breath of Life can work for you when virtually nothing else will.

And it works so consistently for other spiritual enthusiasts like you, it's considered by many to be "Success Insurance" when it comes to trusting yourself like never before.

In a moment, you'll meet just a few of these success stories... just know this for now:

Breath of Life (BOL) really is a system for creating joy and inner peace can work for literally anyone...

...even if you feel trapped in your personal prison of moods...loneliness...and self-doubt...

...or even if you don't know if it will work for you...

...and get this:

Even if you have a super-busy schedule...this is lifestyle-friendly!, Breath of Life can still deliver results that can help you rediscover true purpose and meaning, while thriving in inner peace and joy – at the same time.

Measurable Results You can Count on

So, what can you expect in the way of results... and how fast can you expect to see them?

Immediately after your first guided session, you can begin to experience more confidence, as you are increasingly trusting your inner guidance...

Even more results can come within the first month; you will notice that you stand taller, look more confident, and present yourself in a way that makes people feel drawn to you...

...and it just keeps getting better:

In as little as 90 days or less...that's you settle fully into the system and experience waking up each morning feeling truly inspired and connected to something pure and powerful deep within yourself.
And throughout the day things seem to fall into place; and the solutions to problems appear almost magically...
You feel like you know just what to do and good things happen at almost every turn.

That is the spirituality success you absolutely deserve and will finally:

==> Let you rapidly move away from chaos and turmoil... and create love and kindness and compassion!

==> Empower you to quickly forge an unshakable connection to your inner compass... and create a life that reflects who you truly are!

==> Deliver you a way to discover your innate ability to "Check in" and know what you need to know in an instant!

==> Powerfully guide you into joyously create greater abundance in all areas of your life!

==> Quickly decode the best way for you to create more peace, tranquility, and connection to Source!


And please, don't just take my word for it...

The Reviews Are In, And The Results Speak For Themselves

Here are just a few of the near-countless testimonials I could share with you regarding Breath of Life Guided Sessions, and the consistent results it delivers for spiritual enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels...

Working with Bob, in my BOL sessions, was stellar and insightful. He is a fun coach and was very focused, present and available for my experience.

Looking back before starting BOL, I noticed myself feeling reactive and agitated about things during my day. I resisted much of reality the way it is. I would spin in my mind about how things should be different in society or how people should behave better.

After BOL, I have felt more willingness to accept the way reality is and not resist it in subconscious projection. I allow for what is with a sense of neutral presence. I let life be more as it is now. I feel less impatient and more in the flow and am better able to find enjoyment in the present moment.

During the sessions, I was able to transform limiting feelings that arose. I experienced becoming super present. My awareness felt so heightened and the aliveness that came over me was astonishing, healing and blissful.

The take away from this work, that I am still noticing, is experiencing more freedom with most everything that happens during the day. I learned how to harmonize with any feeling that arose in my body and found a way to make peace with it. I breathe more consciously now. I am more present with myself, more in touch with the sensations in my body. And can enter into the moment with greater presence of heart, which has given rise to feeling more aligned with my higher self and more available to synchronicity.

Most grateful,

Robert Brady

Hi there Bob,
Thank you so much!!! My life is no longer the same, after having the Breath of Life sessions with you. It was a wonderful experience and I am eternally grateful. Blessing and light to you and you take care of yourself!



Hi there Bob!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extremely powerful and life changing Breath of Life sessions. I feel a huge shift underway and it's all good!!! I have already given myself a number of BOL sessions as well as my partner and her daughter (they were both quite amazed!)

Once again, thank you Bob, it's been an absolute pleasure!



The first time I did a Breath of Life session with Bob Frissell was the healthiest and most energized I have felt in my entire adult life. I had no idea it was possible for the human body to experience so much prana flowing through it - I was, quite simply, amazed.

Nick Ladd Director, Glade Festival (UK)


I highly recommend what I learned from you Bob. I experienced moments of a very real state of pure divine consciousness during my Breath of Life sessions. You are a genuinely rare and wonderful man who facilitated the process in a very safe space with much wisdom cultivated from continual personal practice.



Just a quick to note to thank you for the inspiring and blissful Breath of Life sessions. I experienced such peace, harmony and unity that I felt as if I had always breathed that way, it was effortless. Afterwards my body was so full of prana that it was literally shaking with the energy! A truly magical experience. I left feeling very conscious, very awake, and with all the innocence of a child restored to me.... thank you!

Love, light and blessings,


Hi Folks - It was great being with all of you at Bob's weekend.

On Monday morning I did a Breath of Life session with Bob. I figured I had flown all the way from NYC so I might as well do the whole deal. I've done breathwork before so I didn't expect a huge amount. Well - here's what I can say. I've been a psychotherapist for 40 years and I'm also, personally, a therapy and healing junkie. I've probably tried just about every form of therapy and healing that's out there. One of two of the things I've done have transformed my life. But - I never experienced a profound energy release like in this session with Bob.

It was truly amazing - on a physical and energy level, the most healing experience I have ever had. I won't say anything more about it, because I suspect that each person's experience is unique, but I can say that even Bob's words about the Breath of Life over the weekend only could give a glimmer of the power and beauty of this approach. I hate to tell people what to do but I can't help it - do a session with Bob, guys! (Full disclosure - I get no cut from Bob for saying this).



And the list goes on and on...

It’s Time To Break Free:
And Here Is The System Designed
To Guide You To Your Sacred Purpose

You know that everything is energy: the chair you are sitting on right now, the air you are now breathing, your body, your mind… everything.

Yet few know what I’m about to reveal to you:

When you take any action toward your Sacred Purpose, an evocation to the Universe occurs.

This energy sends a message to the Universe that says:

“Now, I am ready!”

Universal energy is literally transmitted back to you, and serves as a Divine Helper.

That’s why you’ll discover that my Breath of Life System can effortlessly integrate into your being…and your soul, spirit, and energy will come alive in the process.

This is Energetic Transmission: and it takes place the moment you take action toward your Sacred Purpose.

So before I cover the very modest investment you’ll be making in your BOL guided session, there’s something I’d like to share with you...

As a spiritual guide I’ve charged up to $25,000 to work with me personally

Why would people pay so much to work with me?

Here's why:

First, I pour my whole life and soul into the work I do, and these people have
shared that their experience was worth every penny.

Also, these people embraced a vital spiritual truth:

The Universe always

Meets you energetically

It often blesses you with greater financial abundance when you invest in yourself.

Once you move toward your
Sacred Purpose through any investment of time or money, you’ll discover that the Universe clears a path for you.

The mere act of investing in yourself is a Divine Activation and Invocation, and Breath of Life is vibrationally designed to facilitate this invocation.

Also, let me promise you this:

What you’ll be receiving today represents my life’s work and passion… and I firmly believe that is worth far more than the discounted price you’re about to see!

So despite the fact that working with me personally would cost thousands of dollars…

And the retail price for a Breath of Life guided session alone is normally $397…

This is the time for a

Profound paradigm shift

One that will affect the world we are co-creating.

I received this download from the Universe a few years ago, and it created the largest activation and awakening of my entire life.

What is happening is nothing less than the Birth of a New Humanity. We are all about to live it.

And by living from your Higher Self, you are co-creating this amazing transformation

I am now on a mission to assist as many people as possible to align with their Sacred Purpose!

So your investment will not be $397…

Not even $347…

I’ll reveal your discounted price in just a moment… first:

Let me tell you that the BOL package I have for you today is…

Backed By an Industry-Leading

"Results-Or-Else" Guarantee

Look, the truth is simple:

I refuse to take a penny from you unless I can really help you connect with your truest self. It's only fair to you that your BOL session

not only meets the promises I've made...

...I insist that it exceeds your every expectation.

That's why your Breath of Life Guided Session (Sessions are conducted on Skype) is backed by my unconditional 30-day guarantee so put it to the test and rest easy knowing that your satisfaction is my top priority.

I guarantee everything that I do. If you are unhappy with what’s been given to you, cancel within 30 days, and I will refund you in full.

No questions, No hassles!

It really doesn't get more fair than that...except for this:

I Want To Give You $197
Just For Taking Action Today

When you see the discounted price I'm offering you today for a Breath of Life Guided Session, you may think it's a typo.

Yet that wasn't enough. I still wasn't satisfied. I knew I could do even better.

I wanted to go way beyond the extra mile and give you $136 in value-added bonuses just for taking action today.

First, I'd like you to have Maximizing Your Enjoyment of the Present Moment. This has a retail value of $22, but it's yours FREE by taking action now.

This comprehensive recording contains a fool-proof recipe for turning lemons into lemonade...
You'll discover why being at peace with the present moment is the key to living a harmonized life...
And you will learn exactly how to do it.

Next, you'll receive complimentary access to Self-Healing with Breath of Life. This has a retail value of $22, but it's yours FREE by taking action now.

In the course of sharing BOL sessions with people over the past 30 years, I have witnessed many major healings...

I have seen countless numbers of clients heal asthma along with many other respiratory problems...

I have seen many people throw away their prescription meds as their high blood pressure returned to normal---as their insomnia vanished and normal refreshing sleep patterns returned...

I have also healed myself of many unwanted health conditions, in addition to completely healing a serious lower back injury...

In this comprehensive interview, I spell out exactly what I have learned about self-healing. This interview is by itself, worth its weight in gold...

The next gift you'll be receiving today is called The Balance Between the Light and the Dark... This has a retail value of $22, but it's yours FREE by taking action now.

This extensive interview will aide you greatly in harmonizing and balancing the so-called "opposing forces" within you...

It will also give you two extremely powerful 24/7 applications of my BOL technique...

Your next bonus is called The Power of Forgiveness.

You will experience more self-love, healing, and nurturing of your essence than ever before. The release of shame and guilt will feel as if a backpack full of bricks was taken off your shoulders.

It’s like becoming a spiritual tuning fork that matches the frequency of the Divine. This allows you to integrate your physical being with the natural, healthy, empowered state of Source.

Your next value-added bonus is called Empowering Your Mastery (Creating Affirmations That Work)

In general, affirmations are the opposite side of the same coin from BOL

BOL is about surrendering to what's so, and affirmations are about telling what's so how to be. The use of affirmations gives you control of your mind!

Finally, I insist on giving you my $37 latest eBook, absolutely FREE today. It's called Breath of Life: Your Complete Guide to a Harmonized Life, and wait until you check this out!


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Kenneth Porter, M.D., Spiritual Psychiatrist and former President, Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy

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Bob Frissell

P.S. Just in case you have a few more questions about Breath of Life Guided Sessions, I've compiled a list of the most commonly-asked questions below...

Is there a limit to my potential in applying your information?

Only you can limit you. Breath of Life (BOL) is about erasing limitations by embracing your unlimited potential through your inner connection to Source---so not even the sky is the limit!

I battle anxiety and depression and find myself spiraling downward sometimes… but I think your program is for me and can help me. What do you think?

I know. I’ve seen far too many people in struggle, often on a daily basis, come out the other side happy, content, and at peace with their lives...

Once you align yourself to your Higher Self, you can vibrationally attract whatever you need to turn your mood swings into inner peace

Is this religious or anti-religious in nature?

No, and certainly no! People from all faiths, and those who profess no specific spiritual path, enjoy this journey.
There is nothing in this system that will go against any of your most cherished beliefs, or force you to adopt another’s

I’m sold… but I just don’t know about the price

Please recall that this is fully guaranteed to work for you. If you do not see uncanny shifts in your life toward the direction of your greatest joy, peace, and spiritual happiness, I will send you a prompt and courteous refund.

However, may I also remind you that nothing on this planet is more important than fulfilling your spiritual destiny!

I don’t think you want to come to the end of your life knowing you had the blueprint for your greatest experience with Source in the palm of your hand, only to give it a pass because of mundane expenses and “stuff” that you can’t even take with you!

I believe in you, and I know you believe in yourself more than that

How long do I have to wait to get started?

You can start instantly! All your value-add bonuses are waiting for you right now. They are all delivered online, and you can access them from any computer, tablet, or cell phone. Then, we will book your Skype guided Breath of Life session and coaching call for a time that perfectly fits your schedule.

P.P.S. Remember:

By clicking the link right now, you'll receive a Breath of Life guided session, plus a 30 minute LIVE coaching call ---sessions are conducted on Skype. Your session comes complete with all those juicy bonuses---for the unheard of price of just 1 payment of only $297.

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