Breath of Life Sessions

Breath of Life Sessions

Guided Breath of Life (BOL) sessions take you on a wondrous journey of self-discovery, down to the core of your very Being. I give sessions both on Skype and in person, so distance from me is never a problem. Sessions with me are more than just sessions; in addition, they are lessons in how to use the process by yourself.

Your first session will be an amazing experience! You will permanently resolve emotions that have been causing you problems. You will feel your own individual spirit vividly, as you are replacing unpleasant, health-draining stress, tension, and anxiety with aliveness enhancing calmness and inner peace. You will probably feel better than you ever have in your life! The session itself usually takes one to two hours.

I provide two different main categories of service: education and facilitation. I teach you the skills of Breath of Life and continue helping you develop your skills in every session.

I also coach you through your sessions. You will get vastly more from your sessions because of the coaching I give you, particularly in the beginning. Having me watch from the outside will enable you to go much further in your sessions, and get far more benefit.

You will find that every session is different because the material that you have already integrated is not there to come up in future sessions. The range of feelings that comes up in sessions is absolutely astonishing!

It is very important to understand that it is you and not I who produces all the results in your sessions. Breath of Life is entirely a self-directed internal process. You get results according to your development of the skills involved. Once you gain some mastery with the technique, you will have it available to you forever. BOL does not create even in the initial stages, dependency upon me. Indeed one of the effects of BOL is an enhanced sense of emotional independence.

I recommend a series of ten sessions; that is enough for you to get a good idea of what the process is and how it applies to various types of suppressed material. Your goal should be to become competent at producing the results of BOL by yourself. Between five and fifteen sessions is enough for almost everyone to master this skill. Each session is also a lesson in doing it for yourself, so I will continue helping you to develop these skills in every session.

Since BOL transforms suffering into bliss by eliminating the Root Cause of your distress, you will discover that it is the fastest way possible for creating lasting inner peace and joyful living!

Here’s what you can experience after having gone through a guided BOL session:

  • Waking up each morning feeling truly inspired and connected to something pure and powerful, deep within yourself
  • You feel deeply happy and content, ready to face every day with a real smile, no longer at the mercy of your doubts and fears
  • You are relaxed, focused and self-assured—effortlessly attracting abundance, excitement and joy into your life!

If you want to easily calm and center yourself as you bring yourself into the present moment with clarity and precision---and get the peace of mind you desire without sacrificing your entire lifestyle to achieve it---

Then a guided BOL session is just your ticket!

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