Written by Bob Frissell

The author of Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are, and Something in This Book Is True..., writes freely about the spiritual and philosophical implications of the astonishing topics in his previous two books, showing how we can recover our birthright as spritual beings. Frissell, certified Rebirther and seeker, has created a grand synthesis of practical insight, eternal wisdom, historical fact, and provocative speculation. In You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience he invites us to entertain:

How we can shift our identity from being a human victim to being a spiritual master How the Unity of Being is the hidden meaning of all world religions How a secret Bible code may contain the entire Akashic Records How a genetically mutated race of special children called the "Indigos" are already present on Earth to lead us to higher levels of consciousness How we may already have passed into the fourth dimensionus more news about the Sirians, the Martians, the Australian Aborigines, contemporary Mayans, and the present day survivors from the fall of Atlantis.


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Part I: The Unity of Being

A World of Many Dimensions
The Five Levels of Awareness
The Melchizedeks
The Ascended Masters Ascend
Creating Reality
Victim Mentality
Reclaiming Your Authority
Sacred Geometry
The Unity of Being
Unity in Conventional Religion
Unity in Greece and Egypt
The Many and the One: The Merkaba
The Flower of Life
The Universe as a Hologram
Soliton Waves
The Nature of Polarity

Part II: Burning with the Fire of Purpose

Prophecy and Possibility
Context and Content
Clearing the Slate
The Miracle of Unknowing
The Incompletion of Birth Trauma
Incompletions from Past Lives
Incompletions from Childhood
esistance = Persistence
A Setting of Safety and Trust
Prana and the Pineal Gland

Part III: No Time Like the Present

The Fall of Atlantis
The Precession of the Equinoxes
Earth Changes
What Happened When Atlantis Fell
The Legacy of '72
The Sirians
The Holographic Protection Field
The Lucifer Experiment
Right-Brain Technology
The Kogi
Many Parallel Worlds
In Order to Ascend We Must First Descend
The Indigo Children

Part IV: The Bible Code

The Bible Code and Destiny
The Hebrews
The Torah as Code in Jewish Tradition
How the Bible Code Works
Open Destiny
The Future of the Possible


Too many people allow themselves to be limited by their ideas about themselves and the world around them. Bob Frissell reminds readers that they create their own reality through their consciousness and that improving this reality and living a fuller life is simply a matter of broadening one's perspectives. In this book, he shows people how to reconnect with their multidimensional selves and remake their lives.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Since the 1980s I have been a Rebirther by profession. I was trained by Leonard Orr in his now famous method for clearing emotional blockages and recovering the memory of one's birth, the memory of one's pre-natal experience, and beyond. I had been successfully conducting workshops in Rebirthing for many years, but in the late 1980s I became dissatisfied with my life as a rebirther and the kind of service I was performing. Why were people coming to my workshops? Basically to solve their personal problems and to advance their careers; in short, to learn how to increase their material well-being. Even where they were concerned with what they called their relationships, their perspective on what this might mean was usually painfully materialistic and narrow. People did think about their self-esteem, but what they meant was the state of their egos. Their highest aspirations were for a comfortable and pleasurable existence without irritating conflicts or anxieties; very few people felt concern for the welfare of others, or for what was really happening on the planet ecologically, or in the cosmos spiritually. The idealism of the '60s was dead and long-gone; methods for self-improvement were becoming more abundant and popular, and I was frankly tired of it. There was something terribly wrong with the way our culture was looking at life, and with the way I was coping with our culture. My own practice as a rebirther had developed in a way that was personally very satisfying, but just that seemed to be the problem. There had to be more to existence than personal satisfaction. A piece of the puzzle was definitely missing. All that changed dramatically early in the ('90s when I discovered a whole new world of information that provided a fresh perspective on what was happening not only all made sense again, and made sense in a wonderful new way. The thing that began to bring things together for me was my contact with Drunvalo Mechizedek, and I have been presenting his ideas and teaching workshops in the practices that he recommends since that time. I must say that I continue to believe that of all the teachings that are being presented on the earth today that I am aware of and my work with Drunvalo has provided a motive for looking at quite a few of them this researches and his insights represent the greatest hope for the future of the planet.

Now what does it mean that we are spiritual beings having a human experience? What is it that spiritual beings are and do, that makes them spiritual, and just what is this human experience that we are in the midst of? The basic idea is that, as spiritual beings, it is our business to create reality. It is also our business to create what is not reality. I mean, if we live in ignorance and illusion, this is just as much our creation as is living in awareness and truth. And this is the case whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, whether we understand it or not. It doesn't matter. Reality is our creation, 100% of the time, whether we acknowledge the fact or whether we are ignorant of it or whether we deny it. The only distinction is that if we know it and acknowledge it, we have the opportunity to create reality consciously. And if we don't know it, or if we know it and don't like it or some variation thereof, we still create reality, but we do it unconsciously or in a way that puts us at the effect of life, so that we become victims having no power. Reality itself is therefore a function of our consciousness. And that means that whenever we are facing problems or difficulties, whatever the problem might be, whether it is a personal problem, or a global or universal problem, it can only be solved by consciousness. So if it's true that we create reality unerringly 100% of the time without exception; and if we acknowledge this; and if we simply assert that that is true we become, potentially, extremely powerful. We are extremely powerful. Yet the sorry truth is that most of us, most of the time, look at ourselves as though we had no power. And that is the human part of the formula: we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The human being has forgotten his or her power. Essentially and for the most part we do not recognize that we are the creators of our own reality and for the most part, when we experience difficulties and problems of any kind, we feel ourselves to be victims, at the mercy of circumstances, the whim of the gods, the bearers of bad karma, unworthy of success or happiness you name it. Though as spiritual beings we are the authors of our circumstances and the ultimate authorities on how and why things are the way we are; as human beings we think we have no responsibility for our own suffering though we are quick to take the credit for things when they turn out well, (usually blindly and without understanding in what sense the credit really does belong to us). So the first corollary to acknowledging that we create reality by our consciousness is that we have responsibility for the reality we create, that we are the authors of and authorities on our own existence and our own world. If you are willing to stand up and say it's time to wake up, you have to take responsibility for the whole process and you have to begin to deal with things that previously slipped under the table. You have to look at things in your personal life that previously, perhaps, you were not looking at, and you have to recognize that the more general conditions of life on earth what is happening to this planet and what is happening to other people and what is happening to human society is your responsibility too. So we have tremendous power potential power for the most part but real power nevertheless. And responsibility and power go hand-in-hand. It's a matter of the ability to step up to the plate and using our opportunity wisely, using it responsibly, and using it in a way that is for the greatest good of all concerned. And what I mean by all concerned is all life everywhere. And not only all of life, but all of Being itself. And all of this is inconsistent with what you might call a victim mentality the mindset wherein we take no responsibility for who we are for how powerful our thoughts and our feelings and our actions are. The victim mentality is nothing new. It isn't something that just began to take us over yesterday, or in the modern world. It is not, as many people believe today, the result of our loss of belief in traditional religion, or liberal political ideas, or the decay of family values or anything like that. The victim mentality has actually been with is for roughly 13,000 years, since the period that began about 3,000 years after the continent of Atlantis fell into the ocean, and the dimensional level of all human life fell with it. And here we have a dramatic illustration of what it means to drop from a higher dimensional level to the one we are now on the third dimension for a basic symptom of third dimensional thinking is the belief that what we think and what we feel and what we do have no real impact on the reality of things that we are victims and are not responsible for our lives or for the condition of our planet that our thoughts and inner lives are our private concerns, and that since nobody knows what we are thinking or feeling inside, what does it matter anyway? It's not true. We create reality unerringly. Period. What you think matters. It and nothing else creates the world. You are the author and the authority for your being, and for Being itself.

Reclaiming Your Authority

For the last 13,000 years we have been giving our power away; and one of the ways we have been doing that is by thinking that authority lies outside of us. Authority in what sense? Authority in every sense: authority for judging what we ought to do and ought not to do, authority for deciding what is real and what is not real. In our present day world, the way we most typically give away our authority is by believing that every area of life is only understood by experts, people who specialize in some form of knowledge and therefore really know more than we could possibly know about it. We have experts in health and experts in finance and experts in plumbing and experts in how to groom the dog. The average well-adjusted human won't make a move without consulting someone whom he thinks knows more than he does. This expert-trusting mentality is enormously reinforced by the success of left-brain technology: the ability to predict and control the occurrence of material phenomena by what amounts to little more than very sophisticated cunning and stealth! Having forgotten that we ourselves create the reality we want to control, we think we need to do it by a kind of back route, deftly manipulating nature as if behind nature's back. But the truth is that the enormously impressive feats of contemporary technology the details of which indeed lie far beyond the knowledge and capabilities of most of us have the effect of making us feel powerless and ignorant in spite of the incredible things they empower us to do and the incredible knowledge on which they are based. There is a very crazy paradox, a contradiction, here that things that should empower us in fact cripple us. That knowledge increases our feeling of ignorance. That the ability to manipulate and control nature only reinforces our completely false belief that nature is something other than ourselves, something that we are from the beginning not in control of, and thus have to conquer or dominate or manage. And when we fail to manage it when we get sick or find the planet on the brink of ecological catastrophe we think the only way out of the mess is more technology. More expert monkey business. More giving away of our power. The truth is that the technological progress of humanity has proven disastrous in many ways. The steps we take to control the environment or improve our health by material, technological means very often create unforeseen side-effects that make problems for us that are greater than the ones we set out to solve. People die in hospitals every day, for instance, from diseases that they contracted there, or from the deterioration of their physical bodies brought about through medications and violent therapeutic interventions. And when we use external technology to achieve desired results, we neglect to search within ourselves for internal means that might achieve the same ends. There are no technologically producible effects that we could not achieve without technological aid, if we were only aware of our full potential. Every gain in external technology is thus a loss in internal power. When we first learned to write this happened for most of the human race after the Fall of Atlantis there was an enormous loss in our ability to use our memory. With rapid transportation systems we have gradually lost our ability to run and walk long distances. We have developed technologically enhanced agricultural processes, creating a food-production industry organized as big business, and completely lost the ability to produce our own food and sustain the existence of our families and communities without dependence on multi-national food conglomerates and the entire global economy. In every instance, by depending on technological, left-brained approaches to enhancing our existence, we have abandoned our inner potential we have given away our power.

Another way that we fail to recognize our own authority, our own authorship of our world, is by surrendering the right to evaluate and judge our own activities to our governmental authorities, religious teachers, and to attitudes that are created for us by the media. We believe that how we should behave and what we ought to think and feel, can be determined by rules and interests and images that lie outside of ourselves. We let radio preachers or TV news commentators form our minds. We let advertising images manipulate our attitudes and direct our desires. No one wants to admit that this is so, yet the billions of advertising dollars spent annually say that it is. Advertising not only sells products: it sells the images that are connected to the products and the images of the ways of life in which it is desirable to have what the commercial wants you to buy. There is a kind of secret logic at work here: you see an image which you half-consciously think is you someone like you, or someone you feel you ought to be like. And that person is driving a certain vehicle or drinking a certain kind of beer, and therefore, to be yourself that is, to be like the person with whose image you identify you have to drive or drink one too. There is no limit to the images that are offered, no limit to the number of ways we might be attracted to thinking that we are. There are images for everyone. A real democracy of images. And each image is manipulated cynically to make you buy some product or some service, and every time you half-consciously identify with anyone of these images no matter what it is you are giving away your authority, your ability to freely determine your own reality, your own way of being. We live in a world in which we seem to be constantly asked to surrender our center, to give up our authority over what we believe to be real and true and over what we believe we should be and do. This process of surrendering does actually correspond to the reality, not of our ultimate nature, but of the dimensional level that we are living on. In order to be taken in by an image presented in an ad campaign, it must be the case that we are living on a level where we are susceptible to such manipulation. We must actually profoundly doubt our own independent ability to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong, what is desirable or not, or what is true and false. Who are we to determine such things? We don‚t have a strong sense of who we are, so we wish to become what we see we wish to become whatever image appeals to what we feel we lack. All of this has implications for our relation to spiritual reality. If we for a moment imagine that the spirit is real, we think that it must be fundamentally different from our very selves; it must be something that does not have to do with the center of our being. It must be like an image so we try to conform to some image of what we think a spiritual person might be. This image doesn't have to come from TV ads. It comes most commonly through conventional religious teachings. If we are brought up in a conventional religious context, or even if we have just absorbed by a kind osmosis the general ideas that are available about religion in our culture, we may believe that, if we play by the rules, respect, authority, and believe in God, perhaps, after we die, we will be rewarded for all our sufferings and struggles, and all the injustice that we see in life will be set right. At rare moments, we may catch a glimpse of something beyond. We may be inspired to a belief in spiritual reality, to a sense that there is something to existence beyond mere material reality and its obvious limitations. But somehow we think that this spiritual reality, just like material reality, is something outside of our core, something that is added onto the world, or beyond the world, or that it is some kind of magical presence that mysteriously shows up here or there, who knows why, to defy the laws of nature and produce miracles. And if we actually witness one of these so-called miracles, if we experience some extraordinary phenomenon if a dream we have comes true, or we have a vision or a momentary sense of meaningful elation in communing with nature or contemplating art or in states of meditation, we feel that we are still mere, ordinary human beings; only now we are having a spiritual experience. It isn't so. We are spiritual beings from the get go!

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