Written by Bob Frissell

Earth changes, pole shifts, Indian yogis who change bodies every few centuries, Hopi prophecies, the secret government, the French military trying to blow up the axis of Christ-consciousness grid with eight nuclear bombs, the sixth blast awakening Mother Earth from her slumber since the last pole shift 13,000 years ago, the Greys still looking for a way out on Mars, ascended masters with etheric books guiding the planet through yet another eleventh hour, and Drunvalo Melchizedek providing a thirteenth dimension perspective.

Following his best-selling Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are, Bob Frissell invites readers back onto the roller coaster to the twenty-first century. Frissell stands at the juncture of three mystery schools-Leonard Orr's rebirthing with its roots in the immortal saints and yogis of India, sacred geometry with its Rosicrucian and Gnostic antecedents, and Pueblo millenary religion with its uncharted bridges between intergalactic legends and apocalyptic parables. Something in This Book Is True.. . is Frissell's journey of inner discovery and empowerment. We follow him from the Kennedy assassination to his first meeting with Leonard Orr dressed in a green sweater with dollar signs all over it. We share his trials and triumphs at an est initiation and learn about rebirthing and emotional body clearing firsthand.

Something in This Book is True ... is more than another New Age prophecy, self-help technique, or millennial mythology; it is a training manual for entering the Earth's future, whatever it may be. Frissell has no stake in scaring readers with cataclysms or promising exotic future shocks. Instead he teaches us how to make ourselves into a vehicle for traveling through a universe of danger and hope. The human race is on the verge of something so unbelievable we cannot begin to imagine it; yet what we will become is a direct function of who we are.

Frissell himself is everyman (everywoman too), a spirit-guide to a journey each of us must take ourselves, a voice warning of the terrible things that will happen (but only if we addict ourselves to a vision of the terrible things that will happen).

It is up to readers to decide if this is all true or if none of it is true. Because in the end your own word must be enough. For this lifetime and for all lifetimes and universes to come.

In fact, your word is the only thing that will get you through.


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1. Something from Nothing
2. Initiation
3. Prophecies
The Grand Alignment; The Hopi; Ramtha; Gordon-Michael Scallion
4. Activation
5. Resolution (click for more)
6. The Secret Government
7. Magnetic Fields
8. Changes
9. The Mind
10. Getting It
11. The Inhibitors (Birth Trauma; The Perental Disapproval Syndrome)
12. Rebirthing
History; My History; Rebirthing and the Three Notions of est; Intention
13. Integration
14. Forgiveness
Definitions of Forgiveness; Catherine Ponder (Famous Unity Minister); A Course in      Miracles; Forgiveness Affirmations Forgiveness Exercises
15. Life's A Joy - Then You Ascend
16. The Enhancers
Earth; Air; Water; Fire
17. Babaji
18. The Higher Self
19. The Flower of Life
The Image; The Workshop
20. Unity


"In his companion book to Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are." Bob Frissell once again delves into some controversial issues: earth changes, pole shifts, the secret government, UFOs, extraterrestrial, ascended masters and multidimensional happenings, as he pulls together a wide variety of teachings -- everything from Leonard Orr's rebirthing to sacred geometry to the merkaba, a sort of time/space self generated magnetic field. In other words, it's a roller-coaster-ride kind of book, one that clearly deserves Frissell's own warning -- "Readers, put on your seat belts!"

Much of what Frissell has to say is amazing, especially material relating to walk-in Drunvalo Melchizedek, ascended master Thoth and the "true history of the world." While the book emphasizes the importance of seeing "the whole picture." the title itself begs the question -- just what is true: what is real? Your belief systems will almost certainly be tested (and perhaps stretched) by reading this book. One thing's for sure: it's certainly not a dull ride." - Dawn Baumann Brunke. Alaska Wellness

"If you read Bob's first book. Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are, you may understand why in the last week of January, the warehouse was sold out of copies. You'll also understand what to expect If you aren't familiar with him . . . . get on board for a real ROLLER COASTER ride beyond three-dimensional Earth-bound thinking. The first part of the book expands on my last sentence. The second part of the book tells you what you can do about it. The doing can bring about individual and planetary healing --- something I believe we are all in agreement is needed" - Network Quarterly

". . . in Something in This Book is True . . . Frissell becomes a spirit-guide for our journey into the unknown. He provides clarity in this time of tremendous change and shows us how to move consciously through our fears and limitations to the realization that everything we need is within ourselves." - Bodhi Tree

"After reading the first book, I was blown away by the total integration of Bob Frissell's material. He has done it again in his second book. It's more than a sequel, it's a necessary companion to his first book! If you liked "Nothing...." "Something...." has the same qualities, only more so. The books should be sold together! This book is one of such complete integration that one can only agree or disagree completely with it. No part of the book can be taken without taking it in its' entirety! A MUST read for anyone interested in unraveling the 'secrets" of existance!" - New Age Journal

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