Giving And Receiving

Giving and receiving is a continuous process, it never ends. They are like two sides of a coin. When you give, you automatically set up an energy to receive, and the receiving person is now prepared to give.

The problem occurs, if it does, when you stop the process. As long as you keep everything moving, there’s no problem. The universe, specializing in handling details, sees to it that each of us gets what is perfect for us to have if we keep everything in motion.

When we decide to break this continuous chain and appropriate certain things to ourselves, otherwise known as greed, under the assumption that if we don’t store it, we might not have it when we need it, then we create a tremendous energy block around us, and the free flow is diminished.

If you can play the game successfully, and perhaps you have read about masters who do, what you learn is their biggest single problem is giving things away. They receive so much, because they have given so much previously, they are constantly faced with the problem of moving it out.

When speaking of giving and receiving, we are speaking of defined terms, so let’s define giving or a gift. There are three pre-conditions to have a gift in universal terms:

In order to have a gift, the giving must be completely voluntary, the giver must truly want the recipient to have it, and have good feelings about the giving.You give the recipient what the recipient would like to receive, not what you think they should have.
No strings attached. When the gift is made, it’s complete. Whatever the recipient does with it is fine with you.

The principle behind giving and receiving is one of the most fascinating principle in the universe. It is you can only give to yourself. You must however, give with those three pre-conditions.

Again the third pre-condition is no strings attached. Therefore it isn’t helpful to give for the purpose of receiving. If it’s given from the love of giving and you feel good about it, and you are complete with the gift, that’s fine. If you are trying to generate something by your giving, you are now playing a whole different game, so you have to be very careful about that.

The good feeling that is generated by the giving, sets up an incredibly powerful energy in the universe for you to receive. Under the principle of abundance, it will flow dramatically to you if you just open yourself to receive.