Thoth is a specific historical man who went through ascension 52,000 years ago. For 16,000 years he was the king of Atlantis, where his name was Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites. Throughout Egypt, he was known as Thoth. Later he became Hermes of Greece. He remained on Earth in the same body until May 4, 1991. He could have left earlier—many ascended masters have—but he was among a small group who decided to stay. Knowing without any doubt whatsoever that all things are interconnected and that there is One spirit that moves through everything. Thoth preferred to remain here as a teacher.
His vow was to remain here on Earth until we reached a certain level of consciousness. We have now reached that level, so Thoth left on May 4, 1991.

Evidently, what happened before, during, and after the Gulf War was a culmination of something. The light on the planet is now stronger than the darkness for the first time in 16,000 years. Even though we don't see it yet, the power balance has shifted and the laws have reversed themselves. Now when negativity resists the light, which is its very nature, instead of overpowering the light it gives more power to the light and we get stronger. So hang on!


Thoth and Drunvalo

Thoth's most famous act was introducing writing to the planet. He was called "the scribe" in Egypt, for he is the one who wrote all the ancient history down. That is why Drunvalo was sent to him. Most of Drunvalo's information about us; our history, the flower of life and sacred geometry comes from Thoth. Thoth was always quick to point out that he may not have it 100 percent accurate, but his account is probably pretty close to what actually happened.

Thoth and Breathwork

Thoth was also involved in bringing forth breathwork in Atlantis. The following is channeled from a book called Rebirthing According to Spirit : "There is one who is known as Thoth, who is the vibration of the Atlantean, who is one of the master spirits that brought the whole process of breathwork into knowingness, or into material form."


Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry


Breath of Life

Flower of Life


Flower of Life

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Flower of Life

Breath of Life

The Breath of Life


Breath of Life (Breathwork and Integrative Healing)
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