Drunvalo Melchizedek

Note on the Merkaba

In the ancient schools, such as in Egypt, the female or right-brained aspect of the Mystery School (the Left Eye of Horus) always came first. The student began there working on their emotional healing, and after the emotional healing took place, then the left-brained aspect was taught (the Right Eye of Horus).

Here in the United States, and in other left-brained countries, we have introduced the left-brained studies first without the emotional healing because these countries are having a difficult time understanding the female pathway. In many cases they have simply rejected this simple pathway. Therefore, we have introduced this male pathway first (just to get their attention). But now that we have your attention, and you are beginning to study this pathway, I find it necessary to tell you that you must now, or at least at some point on this path, begin to study the female way.


Emotional Healing is Essential

"Emotional healing is essential" if you really wish to find enlightenment in this world. There is NO way around this. Once you begin to find out about the higher worlds, you, yourself, will stop your own growth past a certain point until this emotional healing has taken place. I am sorry, but that is the way it is. You can't do the MerKaBa or any other kind of meditation to any real degree of success if your emotional body is out of balance.

My suggestion is that you trust yourself and open to the possibility of someone coming into your life that can help you with your emotional imbalances (even if you are not aware of them). It almost always requires help from the outside. We usually cannot see our own problems, and so this is one area of human experience where outside help is just about the only way.

It is only when a person is in a relatively healthy emotional balance, can they successfully function through the MerKaBa.

-Drunvalo Melchezidek

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry


Breath of Life

Flower of Life


Flower of Life

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Flower of Life

Breath of Life

The Breath of Life


Breath of Life (Breathwork and Integrative Healing)
as taught by Bob Frissell

San Francisco Bay Area (Sonoma)

November 11-13, 2016 (register now)

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