Drunvalo Melchizedek

Just who is Drunvalo Melchizedek? Let me begin by telling you that Drunvalo is a "walk-in." Another person occupied his body until Drunvalo was ready to use it. This was all done by agreement. It is illegal, according to universal law at the highest level, to take over a body any other way. The person who left the body was given something very special. Drunvalo did not say what it was.

Due to amazing events which happened in 1972 (see Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are), the Dark Brotherhood, who, by the way, knew what was going to happen, enlisted four additional members from the star systems of Orion, while the Great White Brotherhood sent four of their own in response to this. Drunvalo was one of the four. He was chosen because of his longstanding experience in the Melchizedek Order in the thirteenth dimensional realm. He had been there almost from the beginning, or about 10 billion Earth years. He had almost no awareness of polarity consciousness and was dispatched here because of that, because of his innocence.

Drunvalo can remember almost every minute of coming through the dimensional levels to get here. However, he purposely placed a veil over his memory of the thirteenth dimension, his point of origin. According to him, to have memory now of life there would be just too painful. There is no way you could exist here and maintain full memory of what the thirteenth dimension is like.

On April 10, 1972, Drunvalo walked into his current body. It was all done in one breath. The spirit leaving breathed out and Drunvalo breathed in.


Sacred Geometry

Drunvalo's initial lessons in sacred geometry came form his two angelic guides. On November 1, 1984 he had an interdimensional communication with an ascended master named Thoth. Thoth wanted to gain Drunvalo's understanding of sacred geometry, so Drunvalo passed on what he knew: how the creation was made, which is held in the chromosomes in the form of geometrical images. Thoth examined this and told him there was a great deal more, so for the next two to three months he appeared every day to give Drunvalo a new lesson in sacred geometry.


The MerKaBa Meditation

Drunvalo brought forth the MerKaBa Meditation, given to him by his angels, designed to get us back to breathing in the ancient way. It involves taking prana in through the top of the head and also through the perineum so that energy comes from above and below the body. The prana then connects with the crystalline grid around the body and meets in one of the chakras.

The MerKaBa Meditation is done in a series of seventeen breaths. The first six are for balancing the polarities within the eight electrical circuits and also for cleansing these circuits. The next seven breaths re-establish the proper prana flow and recreate spherical breathing within the body. The fourteenth breath changes the balance of pranic energy within the body from third to fourth-dimensional awareness. The final three breaths are the ones that set the counter-rotating fields of the MerKaBa in motion.

The MerKaBa Meditation is taught in my Flower of Life workshop.


Melchisedech | Melchisedek | Melkisedek

There are alternate spellings for Drunvalo Melchizedek's last name including Melchisedech, Melchisedek, and Melkisedek. The origin of these alternate ways to spell his name is unknown.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry


Breath of Life

Flower of Life


Flower of Life

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Flower of Life

Breath of Life

The Breath of Life


Breath of Life (Breathwork and Integrative Healing)
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San Francisco Bay Area (Sonoma)

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